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Metal Sculpture, Landscape Sculpture, Woodworking
Ceramic,Clay and Stained Glass Art by Paul Tierney


About My Sculptures:

I love an artistic challenge that gets my creativity flowing. I work in different mediums - from metal for sculptures and fireplace doors to wood for windows and custom cabinetry - to almost anything in between.

My sculptures can be placed both indoors and outdoors, hanging from buildings or set up in gardens or alongside your home to create an interesting focal point.  I have created life size scupltures of Don Quixote, Susan-the steel dinosaur as well as many other unique sculptures and projects.

The work I did for the Minneapolis House was recently showcased in Twin City Metro Magazines July issue.  It is a great example of the range that I can create - sculptures, fireplaces, doors, stairways, cabinets,windows and steel plated walls. These are what I call 'functional art'. This house also contains my sculptures of 'The Wizard' and 'The Butler,' which I crafted purely for enjoyment.

Take a gander though my sculptures and other projects, let your creativity begin to flow, and then let's discuss the perfect project that I can create for you.  My contact information is listed below.       


Phone 952-888-8526

E-mail Tagratus@yahoo.com